Olives £2.95

Plain Pizza Dough Garlic Bread £4.25

Rosemary Pizza Dough Garlic Bread £4.25

Tomato Pizza Dough Garlic Bread £4.35

Mozzarella Pizza Dough Garlic Bread £4.85

Bread and Olives £4.45

Basket of pizza bread served with a bowl of marinated black

and green olives

Bruschetta ai Pomodoro £4.95

Toasted ciabatta bread topped with tomato, garlic, herbs and marinated olives

Bruschetta ai Funghi £5.15

Toasted ciabatta bread topped with mushrooms, marinated olives, parmesan cheese

and marinated artichokes

Bruschetta Mista £5.45

Medley of three bruschettas one with tomato, one with mushrooms

and one with Italian prosciutto crudo topped with marinated olives

Caprese £6.95

Fresh vine ripened tomato and mozzarella slices with fresh rocket

leaves, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

Bresaola Rucola e Caprino  £6.95

Thinly sliced traditional cured beef slices, served with creamy

goats cheese and fresh rocket leaves

Prosciutto con Carciofi £7.55

Thinly sliced Italian prosciutto crudo with fresh baby buffalo mozzarella,

 marinated artichokes and sliced tomatoes on crispy Sardinian bread

Calamari Fritti £7.45

Lightly floured and deep fried squid served with mayo on a bed of fresh rocket leaves

Melanzane Parmigiana £7.55

Oven baked aubergines filled with mozzarella cheese, aubergine

slices, homemade tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and fresh basil leaves

 Gamberoni all Aglio e Peperoncino  £11.95

Large King Prawn tails sautéed in white wine, garlic, chilli

and homemade tomato sauce

Misto di Salumi Olive Garden  £14.95

A platter of cured meats (prosciutto crudo, bresaola, salami Napoli, salami Milano,

Mortadela and  Coppa), marinated artichokes, olives, fresh baby buffalo

mozzarella  and roasted vegetables( aubergine, courgettes and peppers)

on crispy Sardinian bread